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Application for HI-SEAS Mars Analogue food study mission

After succeeding in the initial candidate pool of 700 applicants, I did not proceed beyond the cut from 150-30 canditates 

Mars Analogue Application
Mars Analogue Covering Letter


Lecture Proposal for ‘The Six Senses of Art’ - Making Sense
Fifth Annual Colloquium, July 12, 2013, The Metropolitan
Museum of Art, New York (Ruth And Harold D. Uris Center For Education)

After being accepted to present a lecture for this event, I was then informed that I would have to cover the costs of my travels and stay without stipend. I declined participation.

Lecture Proposal, Tasting Ideas – Intimate Art


Lecture Proposal for Food Studies: a Multidisciplinary Menu
University of Adelaide, International Food Studies Conference


After being accepted to speak at the conference I was then informed that there was no budget to support visiting lecturers. I politely declined.

Lecture proposal, Connecting Food and Art: cross-industry applications and prospects


MIT artitsts' residency and lecturing proposal
private initiative

I  wanted to develop my research ideas through a proposed residency under the auspices of the MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology. While this initiative may have ultimately succeeded, I was unable to afford the standard costs incurred by MIT on visiting scholars. I eventually resigned from this project. 

Project Title, Endangered Flavours


Project Proposal for the India Design Forum & the Polish Institute
private initiative

During my time in India I wanted to explore how design could effect the perception of food and flavours. This project was conceived as an international collaboration between top porcelain designers and chefs. There was significant interest in the project, however, the India Design Forum went through a process of restructuring which obstructed the project.

Project title, Polishing the Thali  


Lecture Proposal for Food Aesthetics conference
The Department of Culture Studies at the
University of Wroclaw, SWPS University

I was accepted to speak at this conference and then later informed that I would have to pay them in order to present my research. I respectfully declined.

Lecture proposal, Art Flavoured Concepts


Givaudan Summary Report

As part of the reporting process for my sponsorship by Givaudan I prepared a report of my research activities.

research activity report

















Video Footnotes



 Video 1:  Video interview with artists, Alfonso Borragan in the workshop of Antoni Miralda (1 0f 2)
- Discussions about food and art
Video 2:  Video interview with artists, Alfonso Borragan in the workshop of Antoni Miralda (2 0f 2) 
Video 3: Dinner discussion with Associate Professor Krishnendu Ray, NYU Food Studies, and several of his PhD students  
- Discussions about food in society




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