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This website presents documentation of my PhD research activities, including original research materials, insights into process, findings, and outputs. The website is organised in a chronological manner which also reflects the logical flow of the research, moving from Art to Science, to Cognitive Studies, to Gastronomy, and back to Art once again. In the space below this text I have included a timeline of my research activities, and on the final page of the site I have attached links to published papers and other documentation or collected materials that didn't seem to fit anywhere else. Wherever possible, I have included hyperlinks within the text that will provide more information about the people and institutions that I have worked with.  Finally, the link below attaches to an online version of my thesis submission. The text of the thesis is identical to the printed version, with the exception that the digital version possesses hyperlinks to illustrations of the material within the documentation website.

This online portfolio works in concert with the thesis paper; where the written thesis represents theoretical aspects of my research, the website represents the documentation of my practice-based work. Together, the two bodies of work form the complete submission of my doctoral thesis, which is a 50/50 practice-theory PhD.  



 Thesis Paper
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European Cultural Congress, Poland - Performance with Oskar Dawicki

performance art collaboration with Oskar Dawicki: the Anatomy of Bad Taste
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RCA, London - Lecture & Publication

Lecture and publication: Art per Os: a place for taste in art
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Khoj, Delhi - Critic in Residence

The international art residency, "In Context: public, art, ecology - Food Edition I", drew artists f...
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Direktorenhaus, Berlin - Taste Festival

Presentation of Lecture: Can Art be Tasted? an analogue sense in a digital art world
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Monell Chemical Senses, Philadelphia - Physiology of the Chemical Senses

Research visit. Interviews and public lecture: Taste in Art: Out of Sight, Out of Mind?
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Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen - cognition and the sense

Nijmegen, the Netherlands - research visit and lecture
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University of Gastronomic Sciences, Pollenzo - Food, Art & Philosophy

Public lecture in an international conference: Flavour Unbound: a way forward for gastronomy in art
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Nordic Food Lab, Copenhagen - Concepts and Cultural Identity

Copenhagen, Spain - case study research investingations
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Basque Culinary Centre, San Sebastian - Abstract Concepts and the Chemical Senses

Host institution for case study research investigations
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Oxford Brookes University, Oxford - In the Space Between Art, Science & Gastronomy

Presentation for research degree students at Oxford Brookes University
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Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw - Polish Gastronomy: inside the global avant garde

Event producer, lecture & workshop
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Givaudan, Naarden - Flavour as Cultural Material

Study visit to my PhD sponsors
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Khoj, Delhi - Curating Conceptual Gastronomy: in conversation with Raqs Media Collective

Public conversation between Ryan Bromley and Shuddhabrata Sengupta, Raqs Media Collective
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Nowy Teatr, Warsaw - Symbolism & Meaning in Historical Banquets

Public lecture as part of the "Political Kitchen" exhibition.
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Context for the


Chemical Senses in Art Theory & Practice



Mapping the history of the classical arguments that have excluded the chemical senses from art,
Examining the context of the chemical senses in international contemporary art practice,
Participating in and curating events that consider the chemical senses in artistic discourse,
Proposing considerations for the inclusion of the chemical senses in art theory.


Context for the


Chemical Senses in Science



Determining the current understanding of the chemical senses in science,
Utilizing scientific knowledge to lay a foundation for considerations of the chemical sense in art,
Positioning discourse concerning the exclusion of the chemical sense from art within  important and relevant science institutions,
Inquiring as to the current relational context between institutions of culture and those of science. 


Context for the


Chemical Senses in Gastronomy



Enquiries into the capacity of the chemical senses to communicate in complex concepts,
Seeking out examples of the utilisation of the chemical senses for the communication of abstract ideas,
Provoking discourse within gastronomy concerning the participation of the chemical senses in art,
Exploring the boundaries between gastronomy, design and art as separate but complimentary disciplines. 

PhD Team 

The team that was developed for this PhD is unusual in that it is both multi-disciplinary and includes external supervision. It quickly became apparent that scientific knowledge was to play a core role in the positioning of this research. As such, Dr. Pink was invited to join the team, bringing his scientific paradigm, knowledge and science-art practice to bear on the research. Mrs. Sood, a leader of contemporary art in Asia, has been very generous to my research efforts, contributing a wealth of industry knowledge, inclusion in the programming of Khoj and enthusiastic support for my efforts. 

Food Studies maven with global horizons working at the intersection of art, science and gastronomy; elevating the level of discourse in industry practice and contributing to structural improvements.
Ryan BromleyPhD Candidate
Senior Lecturer and Researcher in the field of art history and theory of the 20th and 21st centuries, at Oxford Brookes University, Bauhaus University and Dartington College of Arts. Dr. Warr has devoted much of her focus to Body Art and Performance Art.
Dr. Tracey WarrDirector of Studies
Lecturer in Molecular Biology and Genomics, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Oxford Brookes University. Dr. Pink also develops science-art collaborations, bringing critical scientific knowledge into artistic discourse.
Dr. Ryan PinkSupervisor
Professor in Composition; Research Lead for the School of Arts; and a founder of the Sonic Art Research Unit at Oxford Brookes.
Prof. Paul WhittySupervisor
Mrs. Sood is the Director of KHOJ International Artists' Association, a leading institution for contemporary art in India, with influential programming throughout Asia. Mrs. Sood also works as an independent curator and art management consultant.
Pooja SoodExternal Advisor